Communicating Diversity 2016

April 1 & 2, 2016

9-10:30: Session A Panels

Panel 1A
MSC 2500
Online Environments as a Double Edged Sword for Marginalized Groups

Ryan Rigda, Texas A&M University, “Creating Equality through Quidditch: A Rhetorical Analysis of Quidditch Blogs”

Aya Yadlin Segal, Texas A&M University, “Negotiating National Identity on Social Media”

Forrest Rule, Texas A&M University, “Mithridatization and Sensibilization: The Propagandistic Effects of Recirculating Content on Social Media”

Ruth Tsuria, Texas A&M University, “‘A Place For Me’ – Gay and Religious Groups Online”

Katharine Hodgdon, Texas A&M University, “A Social Cause Divided: Analyzing Intra-Movement Conflict in Online Spaces”

Lauren Matthews, Texas A&M University, “Building or Dismantling Networked Individualism? How Social Justice Apps Contribute to Social Good”

Chair: Dr. Srividya Ramasubramanian, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Texas A&M University

Panel 2A
MSC 2501
Questioning the Media Industry

Andrea Batarse, Texas A&M University, “Syrian Refugees, Media Ownership, and State Policy”

Stacey Rieck, Texas A&M University, “She’s (Not) What I Expected: The Role of Media Descriptions of Victims in Predicting Victim Evaluations”

Ana Ramirez, Texas A&M University International, “The Global Success of Yo Soy Betty, La Fea”

Danielle Hernandez, Texas A&M University and Rochelle Hernandez, Texas A&M University, “The Many Faces of Terrorism: Boko Haram’s Rise and Fall in the Global Community”

Silke Jesso, Texas A&M University International, “Women in Media”

Angie Galal, University of Texas San Antonio, “Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) as a Serious Public Health Challenge in Egypt”


10:45-12:15: Session B Panels

Panel 1B
MSC 2500
Framing and Re-Framing Diversity Issues

Richard Talbert, Dunquesne University and Diana L. Nogay, University of North Texas, “Motivated Consubstantiality: Ethical Use of Identification and Interpretation for a Proposed Turn from the Hyper-Racial to the Post-Racial”

Suzanna Tolboom, University of North Texas, “Remembering the Confederacy in Denton, Texas”

Rachel Reon, Baylor University, “John R. Lewis and the Rhetoricity of Place”

Travis Cox, Texas A&M University, “When ‘All’ Isn’t ‘All’: Exploring the Limits of #alllivesmatter”

Estefania Lopez, University of Texas San Antonio, “Questioning the Messenger: Understanding the Political Implications of Univision’s Coverage of Immigration News on Its Social Media Platforms”


Panel 2B
MSC 2501
Critical Race Studies

Courtney Starnes, Texas A&M University, “The Politics of Black Masculinity and the Legacy of Bill Cosby”

Laura Lynn Peck, University of North Texas, “‘Even if Master’s Listenin’, I got the World’s Attention’: Racial Paradox in To Pimp a Butterfly”

Obioha Langsteen, Texas A&M University, “Kwaito’s Imitation of Hip Hop Culture as a Creation of Trans-National Black Alliance”

Nicole Wilson, Texas A&M University, “Sapphire’s Right to Remain Silent: Surveillance, Gendered Violence, and Audience Reception in the Rise of Cross-Media Narratives”


12:15-1:30: Lunch and Keynote
MSC 2400

1:30-3:00: Session C Panels

Panel C1
MSC 2500
The Politics of Representation

Tania Hajali, University of the Incarnate Word, “Afro-Phobia: The Roots of Hair Politics in the Media”

Victoria Steigal, Texas A&M University, “The Star-Spangled Man: Performative Masculinity and Subtextual Queerness in Marvel Studios’ Captain America Films”

Alison Kim, Texas A&M University, “Fashion Magazines and Body Image”

Carrie Murawski, Texas A&M University, “Queering Men of Color: A Critical Analysis of Raj from The Big Bang Theory”

Matthew Ray, Texas A&M University, “The Exclusionary Politics of Sexual Classifications”

Ana Ramirez, Texas A&M International University, and Melissa Santilliana, Texas A&M International, “Perceptions of the Border Region Due to Media Consumption: A Survey Analysis”


Panel C2
MSC 2501
Negotiating Diverse Identities within American Systems

Noelle Phelps, Texas A&M University, “Poverty’s Role in the Cycle of Incarceration”

Art Villarreal, University of Texas San Antonio, “Quality of Care in the Veterans Health Care System”

Grace Bannon, Texas A&M University, “eHealth’s Benefits for Rural Populations”

Nouf Alotaibi, St. Mary’s University, “How Female Saudi Graduate Students Make Mean of Their Experience of Pursuing a Graduate Degree in the United States”

Stephanie Fimbres, Texas A&M University International, “Work-Life Balance among Transnational Workers”


3:15-4:45: Session D Panels

Panel D1
MSC 2500
Critiquing Cultures and Ideologies

Madison Krall, University of Colorado-Denver, “Fat Talk at the Intersections: Reclaiming Marginalized Rhetorics of Body Talk”

Victoria D. Mancha, Texas A&M University International, “Feminist Reponses to Gendered Stereotypes in Promotional Culture: A Critical Assessment of Second and Third Wave Consumer Activism”

Samantha Doyle, Rowan University, “Construction of Bi-Polar Disorder in Fictional Literature: A Case Study of The Catcher in the Rye, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Silver Linings Playbook.

Whitten Sawyer, Texas A&M University, “Religious Subculture of Homeschooling”

Rachel Cox, Texas A&M University, “Reagan’s Rhetoric and American Exceptionalism”

Leana Lares, Texas A&M University, “Bill Clinton and Rhetorics of Presidential Redemption”


Panel D2
MSC 2501
Responding to Racism on College Campuses
**Aggie Agora Spotlight Panel**

Caitlin Miles, Texas A&M University

Adam Key, Texas A&M University

Alex Schuur Sousa, Texas A&M University, “Racism on College Campuses: Implications for Crisis Communication”

Andrea Terry, Texas A&M University

Michael Buse, Texas A&M University