Previous Year’s Program: Communicating Diversity 2017

(This is the program from Communicating Diversity 2017. The program for 2018 will be posted once submissions are accepted, reviewed, and scheduled).

Friday, March 31, 2017
5:00 PM- 7:00 PM
MSC 2300 A

Conference Registration in front of MSC 2300A starting at 4:30.

Dinner and Workshop with Dr. Isabel Molina
Visibility & Invisibility and Popular Culture

Scholarship on media representations of gendered and racialized groups often focus on what is visible, what can be counted or analyzed and its relationship to social structures of power: why are Latinas in film sexualized? How many crime news stories focus on African American men? This hands on critical media analysis workshop as us to flip the script and think about what we don’t see and the complex power dynamics embedded invisibility.

We will use a variety of hands-on exercises for the active reflection on the relationship between media images, invisibility and gendered and racialized (hyper)visibility. In particular, we will creatively and collaboratively explore the following questions:
• What types of bodies, news stories and fictional narratives are not visible?
• Whose voices are rarely heard?
• How do we study what is not visible in the media?
• Why is invisibility significant to understanding the relationship between media and power? Under what conditions can invisibility in the media be itself a source of power?


Saturday, April 1, 2017

9:00-10:30: Session A Panels

Panel A1 – MSC 2404
Understanding Identity through Popular Culture

Julian Lopez, Texas A&M University
“Marvel: Battling Hegemonic Hollywood”

Danielle Hernandez, Texas A&M University
“Representation of Afro-Latino peoples in film and television”

Hanah Khan, Texas A&M University
“Generation Y’s Need for Internet Memes.”

Hanna Lee, Texas A&M University
“Feminism in Meredith Gray and Olivia Pope”

Lindey Goralczyk, Kayla Richardson, Liz Schulze, and Trey Reeves, Texas A&M University
“Exploring Gender Representations in Parks and Recreation”

Chair: Dr. Lucy Miller, Texas A&M University

Panel A2 – MSC 2405
From the Dorm Room to the Board Room: Diversity Practices in Institutions

Shoaa Almalki, St. Mary’s University of San Antonio
“Reviewing Glass Cliff Literature: A Meta-Analysis Examining the Relationship Between Leader’s Gender and the Company’s Performance”

Qiujie Pan, University of Texas San Antonio
“U.S. College Students’ Norms in Communicating about Race”

Melinda Lee Downie, Texas A&M International University
“Hiring in the Modern World: Combating Hiring Discrimination in the Resume Screening Process”

Jade Fabello, University of Texas
“Peaceful Animals: A Look into Black Pacifism and the Pedagogy of Civil Rights in American Public Education”

Chair: Alexandra Schuur Sousa, Texas A&M University

10:45-12:15: Session B Panels

Panel B1 – MSC 2404
Political Variations in the Public Sphere

Adam Bajan, Texas A&M University,
“Media Framing of Intractable Environmental Conflicts in Canada”

Courtney Baptiste and Daniella Pacitti, Southern Methodist University,
“Effects of Presidential Debates, Gender and Political Party Affiliation on Voting Behavior”

Katherine Arredondo, Katherine Dundas, Cody Wolf and Heidi Campbell, Texas A&M University
“Don’t put your religion/politics in my internet memes – Dissonance in Political-Religious Meme Discourse in the 2016 Elections”

Patrick Anderson, Texas A&M University,
“Identity, Diversity, Fascism: Some Post-Apocalyptic Reflections on Identity Politics, Left and Right”

Curry O’Day, Texas A&M University
“Speaking in Binaries: Will American Political Discourse Ever Reflect the Diversity of the American People?”

Chair: Ruth Tsuria, Texas A&M University

Panel B2 -MSC 2405
Narrative and Visual Representation of Gender/Sex

Carrie Murawski, Texas A&M University
“Ballez and Queering Classical Dance: Re-examining Queer Performances and Dance Herstory”

Victoria Stiegel, Texas A&M University
“You Got Social Justice in My Fanfic!: Soul Mate AUs and Issue Engagement in Fanfiction”

Georgia Bauer, Texas A&M University
“Snapchat Facial Recognition Filters and The Male Gaze”

Erin Willis, Texas A&M University
“America’s Fixation on Abstinence-Only Education Reflected in Popular Culture”

Chair: Dr. Tasha Dubrwiny, Texas A&M University

12:15-1:30: Lunch and Keynote
MSC 2406

Keynote Lecture
Dr. Isabel Molina, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
From Obama to Trump: Latinas/os, the Media and the Cultural Politics of Inequality

With recent scholarship documenting the de-humanizing effects of our current political rhetoric, this talk explores the contemporary visibility and invisibility of Latinas and Latinos in the popular media. Molina-Guzmán explores how the push by activists for increases in multicultural representations and Latina/Latino visibility also contributes to the erasure of gendered and racial structural inequalities with troubling social and political consequences in the contemporary political era.

1:30-3:00: Session C Panels

Panel C1 – MSC 2404
Challenges of Acculturation: Ethnicity and Immigration in America

Courtney Starnes, Texas A&M
“What is the Real Meaning Behind Black Lives?”

Abril Villarreal-Medina, University of Texas San Antonio
“The New Americans: Iraqis Navigating the Higher Education System”

Mingxiao Sui, Louisiana State University
“Ethnic Audiences in a Fragmented Media Era: Ethnic Audiences’ Selective Exposure to Likeminded Media”

Angie Galal, Haetham Abdul-Razaq, and Vivian Rojas, University of Texas San Antonio
“Assimilation vs Separation: Challenges Encountered by Iraqi Female Refugees in the U.S. “

Chair: Jessica Gantt Shafer

Panel C2 – MSC 2405
Media Campaigns & Advertising

Kristen Faith Arias, Texas A&M University
“The Hidden Myths in Toy Advertisements”

Sarah Walsh, Texas A&M University
“Authentic Feminism: an Unbiased Approach to Feminism Based on Emma Watson’s Discourse”

Cody Vesley, University of Texas
“How the It Gets Better Project uses stories to create social change”

Madeline Culver, Texas A&M University
“It’s Not For Women: Postfeminist Humor and Gender Performance in the Dr. Pepper Ten Advertisements.”

Chair: Carrie Murawski, Texas A&M University

3:15-4:45: Session D
MSC 2045

SspotlightPanel: Visualizing Diversity

Bara Safarova, Texas A&M University
“What is the Hackathon and why visualize Diversity”

Pranjal Dixit, Gopika Nair and Saima Musharrat, Texas A&M University
“Unwalk the straight path – Pranjal Dixit, Gopika Nair and Saima Musharrat”

Fnu Rohit Kumar, Texas A&M University
“Foyer of 4 sense”

Nathan Garcia, Micheal Peterson, Jeffrey Cordero, Tyler Carlson, Jeremy Harrienger, Reese Godwin and Kennedy Carr, Texas A&M University
“Audio-Texture Find Your Way”

Saima Musharrat, Gargi Singh, Shibiya S. Sabu, and Zachary Dunn, Texas A&M University “Inclusion Through Connectivity: The Char-Basha de Tejas”

Invited Respondent: Dr. Jennifer Jones Barbour, University of Texas

Chair: Ruth Tsuria, Texas A&M University